Matzel Manufacturing Company - Specializing in the Machining of Complex Castings and Forgings

Our Profile

Located in Milwaukee, WI, Matzel Manufacturing, Inc. began as Universal Brixius, Inc. in 1957. With over 65,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities, we have the flexibility and diversity to handle most all of your machining requirements.


Our expertise is the machining of complex castings and forgings.

We work with steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, gray, and ductile iron along with exotic alloys of stainless, stellite, inconel, titanium and tantalum. A production run can range from a one piece prototype to over one million pieces.


Our background in project development and control is an asset you can count on when trying to meet critical production deadlines. We have a historical relationship with suppliers that partner with us to provide heat treating, grinding, broaching, balancing, painting, plating and coating when required to complete a product.


"56 Years of Milwaukee Manufacturing"
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Complete Machining Capabilities

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Our complete machining capabilities include:

  • 65,000 square foot facility utilizing Lean Manufacturing Techniques in a cellular layout of over 50 CNC machine tools complemented with a variety of support equipment.

  • Complete Engineering services utilizing the latest software offerings to support product development and manufacturing. Value added engineering support to provide the lowest possible production costs.

  • Complete Quality Assurance department with dedicated gage lab to insure calibration standards are fulfilled. Vast compliment of gages to support product inspection including CMM with the latest PC-DMIS software.

  • Complete tool room for in house production of complex tooling and fixtures to support the production, manufacturing and testing of unique parts.

Matzel Manufacturing Welcomes Senator Ron Johnson and Alderman Joe Davis

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and District 2 Alderman Joe Davis met together on Monday, February 17, 2014, to tour Matzel Manufacturing, as they discussed cross party solutions for creating a pro-hire environment for local manufactures.